The Amazing Race 8

Go, Mommy, Go! We Can Beat Them!

Original Airdate: 09.27.2005

It's a mad dash through NY City and all the way to…Pennsylvania, which may or may not be a state. We're waiting on the final verdict. Along the way, the Racers manage to diss Kevin & Drew and burst Phil's eardrums. The Black family says goodbye.

How Do We Know We Aren't Going to Get Shot?

Original Airdate: 10.04.2005

Dueling reflecting pools! Espionage! Battlefields! Gas (sorry)! Lost, pissy, and pooped dads! Phil in the same shirt I saw him in today! And just how are the Paolos still in this? Oh well. Everyone, say goodbye to the Rogers.

I Don't Kiss, I Make Out

Original Airdate: 10.11.2005

Airport drama? Charter buses? Hey, this is The Amazing Race. The Bransens get the weirdest 1st place prize ever - free gas for life. Will a Linz boy be supplying it? The Weavers go wacky, but it's the Aiellos who bring up the rear.

Think like an Office Chair

Original Airdate: 10.18.2005

Big office chair, big race track, the Big Easy – it's all a ruse to make us think this episode is big. Big, I tell you! The Bransons moon their way into first; the home town curse continues as the Schroeders are sent packing.

We're Getting Out of the Country, Girls

Original Airdate: 10.25.2005

The season's first trip out of the country, first non-elimination and first (and only) Fast Forward. The teams go to Panama, look for birds, gather instruments and play some baseball (complete with swearing). The Paolos come in first. Huh?

I'm Sick of Doing Stuff I Can't Do

Original Airdate: 11.01.2005

The tour of the Americas heads off to Costa Rica. The Wacky Weavers are yielded by the Paolos. The result? One team has a mental breakdown and one finishes first. You do the math. The Gaghans are done in by a red coffee bean and are sent packing.

You Look Ridiculous

Original Airdate: 11.08.2005

There's name calling, race track angst and overt underwear wearing as the Race heads back to the States in this double header episode. The Paolos navigate themselves into last while the Godlewskis bring it home in first - twice.

How's That Face Feel?

Original Airdate: 11.22.2005

The Racers drive, drop, and skate through Mormon country – a tough place for a "nice" Christian family. The Weavers become the first team to be yielded twice. Nice way to feed that persecution complex. In other news, the Linzes finally come in first.

Don't Talk to Me like I Was an Animal or Something

Original Airdate: 11.29.2005

Hot air, hot tempers, and hot water this leg of the Race is hot, hot, hot! Or not. And there are more production problems. Are the car batteries trying to tell us something? I think so. Oh - no one was eliminated, as it was a “to be continued.”

The Family Christmas Card

Original Airdate: 12.06.2005

The Race continues through the Old West. Teepees are built, wagons are wheeled, pictures are taken, and golf balls are found. Yes - they went on a golf ball hunt. We all curse an under-zealous cop as we say good-bye to the Godlewskis.

25 Days, 50 Cities, and More than 600 Consecutive Hours as a Family...

Original Airdate: 12.13.2005

As the Race winds down, the Weavers discover an annoyingly helpful cab driver named Ted. The Bransens discover that forgetting about Rhode Island can be costly. And the Linz family discovers how it feels to win one million dollars. Yay Linz family!