The Amazing Race 7

They Saved the Eyeball

Original Airdate: 04.06.2005

In this sum up of the first half of season 7, we learn why Patrick had a bandage on his eye, that Rob can fix trucks and that you should never trust Brian to drive your car - ever.

Courteous? This is a Race!

Original Airdate: 03.01.2005

The racers head off to Peru home of high altitude, people who don't speak English (imagine that!) and spitting Llamas. The team that came in first? Got $20k! Hey, who upped the budget? Good-bye Ryan and Chuck, it was fun while it lasted.

The Whole Country Hates Me

Original Airdate: 03.08.2005

As the racers head to Chile, the competition heats up. There's sneaky lies, shiny shoes, slippery books and shopping! Rob & Amber come in first while Megan and Heidi bring up the rear and shuffle off to Sequesterville.

Do You Need Some Mouth-to-Mouth Resuscitation?

Original Airdate: 03.15.2005

Some racers prove they have more sense then the planners by saying "hell no" to a ridiculously large helping of food. But the 4 hour penalty they decide to take isn't enough to help Debbie & Bianca, who started the leg lost and ended up last.

What a Gaucho You Are

Original Airdate: 03.22.2005

The racers stay in Argentina and play at being gauchos. Some people take advantage of their good luck and come in first, while some wallow in pessimism and bring up the rear. (Oh, that's Rob & Amber and Susan & Patrick – in that order.)

I've Been Wanting a Face-Lift for a Long Time

Original Airdate: 03.29.2005

Leg 1: Bloodied Gretchen & Meredith get stripped of their money and packs but stay in the race. Leg 2: They rally to beat Ray & Deana and the Bros. (And we left out exciting bits like a car crash and a foot race to the mat.)

Houston, We Have An Elephant

Original Airdate: 04.05.2005

It's safari time! Tonight on The Wild Kingdom, racers battle for the good goat teats and drive, drive, drive while leaving sticks and clues behind. Rob & Amber win another trip and the Bros go out in, well…style?

Mow 'Em Down Like Grass

Original Airdate: 04.12.2005

In India, the racers search through boxes and serve tea. To their surprise, Gretchen & Meredith are treated like rock stars and, to our surprise, the race goes into double overtime.

We Have a Bad Elephant!

Original Airdate: 04.19.2005

It's all India as the über leg continues. The racers encounter stiff elephants and stubborn camels. Joyce proves she's no wimpy model as she and Uchenna shave their way into first. Lynn & Alex, however, will giggle no more on the Race.

We Got a Gnome! We Got a Gnome!

Original Airdate: 04.26.2005

The teams do an about-face and head off to Turkey. Rob is hoist with his own petard as his gamesmanship leads other teams to an earlier flight. Uchenna & Joyce come in first. Ron & Kelly come in non-elimination last and win a prize.

The Devil Made Me Do It

Original Airdate: 05.03.2005

I spy with my London Eye… Racers cursing at double decker buses. Rob, Amber, Ron and Kelly take a flight gamble and come out on top. It's not so good for Meredith & Gretchen as their journey comes to an end.

Five Continents, 25 Cities and More than 40,000 Miles

Original Airdate: 05.10.2005

Limbo and onions and golf, oh my! In the TAR7 finale, Romber's Fern proved to be their undoing. Speaking of undone, how's that relationship Ron & Kelly? Uchenna & Joyce gave us a feel-good, come-from-behind win – and even paid the cab driver.