The Amazing Race 6

Phil is a Choo-Choo Charlie

Original Airdate: 12.28.2004

It's a combo of old and new as we get our first-ever Amazing Race clip show. Did you know Freddy & Kendra are habitual clue-losers? Or that Kris & Jon are even cooler then we thought? And guess whose faces are on IKEA's Most Wanted posters?

Meet the Teams

Original Airdate: 12.31.1969

Okay, so this really isn't an's just an excuse to get your pre-hate and pre-love going.

The Game's Afoot

Original Airdate: 11.16.2004

Go! Run! Fly! Drive! Drive! Wrestle! Drive! Drive some more! The teams race from Chicago to Iceland. First place goes to Hayden and Aaron. Joe and Avi are eliminated.

I'm Not His Wife — He Doesn't Need to Scream at Me.

Original Airdate: 11.23.2004

It's a race from Iceland to Norway. For some reason, racers have to team up to row boats. Nope, no forced bunching here. One of the weirdest penalties in race history can't save the remaining NY team.

Counting Bears is Not Rocket Science

Original Airdate: 11.30.2004

On the way from Norway to Sweden, two morning bunches are followed by five hours of bears and eight hours of hay — which turns out to be the last straw for Lena and Kristy.

What If It Isn't Sanitary?

Original Airdate: 12.07.2004

Smart teams race dumb and slow teams catch a break. It's a wacky ride from Sweden to Senegal. Kris and Jon manage to recover from huge mistakes while Don and Mary Jean come in last, but are saved by a surprise non-elimination.

Quit Following Us

Original Airdate: 12.14.2004

It's a wee bit of a history lesson tonight as we go from slavery in Dakar to the fall out of the Cold War in Berlin. Despite having to deal with "ghetto" conditions, Freddy and Kendra come in first. Don and Mary Jean? Diddled.

They Probably Should Have Some Counseling

Original Airdate: 12.21.2004

From Checkpoint Charlie to Budapest, Hungary, the racers sputter to a stop at an Internet Cafe. Who was eliminated? Well, no one. This leg ain't over with yet.

One of You, I'm Gonna Break in Half

Original Airdate: 01.04.2005

From Budapest to, well, Budapest, the Race finishes its first double leg. Lori & Bolo are so doomed, or are they? Freddy's gonna break someone in half, or is he? Jonathan yells at Victoria, or…oh yeah. He does. Good-bye Gus & Hera, we'll miss you.

Tell My Mom I Love Her

Original Airdate: 01.11.2005

And they're off —­ to Corsica. Adam suffers puffy humiliation, but he and Rebecca still manage to come in first thanks to the Fast Forward. Hayden flo's a cliff descent, but she and Aaron are saved by a non-elimination leg.

Are there Instructions on Donkey Handling?

Original Airdate: 01.18.2005

From Europe to Ethiopia, from constant annoyance to a righteous Philimination, the race picks up the pace. In between, we have begging (emotional and financial), mud-slinging (no, really), donkey wrangling and yielding.

It Always Comes Down to the Details

Original Airdate: 01.25.2005

After competing in an actual race, the Racers head to Sri Lanka and we are reminded of how much beauty and life the recent tsunami destroyed. It's a close finish, but in the end, the details out-wrestle Lori and Bolo.

You Deal With This Before I Hyperventilate

Original Airdate: 02.01.2005

The teams head to China. Kris & Jon are shanghaied by a series of cab drivers while Freddy & Kendra get yield revenge on Rebecca & Adam. In the end? It's all a set-up for the final leg as no one goes home yet.

4 Continents, 24 Cities, 40,000 Miles

Original Airdate: 02.08.2005

There was whining, crying, quitting and proposing. There was drama, tension, burping and an evil train. Halfway through, we lose Aaron & Hayden. The final outcome? Win: Freddy & Kendra. Place: Kris & Jon. Show: Adam & Rebecca.