The Amazing Race 5

Meet the Teams

Original Airdate: 12.31.1969

Not a real episode - we just wanted more snark time with the teams.

Clearly, I'm More Intelligent Than You

Original Airdate: 07.06.2004

Blood, stitches, slabs of meat, and cab fights. Hello, TAR5! Thousands of Alison haters groan when she and Donny get to the mat first. We then wave bye-bye to Dennis and Erika.

It Just Turned Ugly Right Now

Original Airdate: 07.13.2004

And you thought there were some cab disagreements in the first ep? Ha! Adios Donny and Alison. Ha, ha, ha!

I Got Electrocuted

Original Airdate: 07.20.2004

Chocolates, paragliding, plane ticket snafus, and flat tires. Colin and Christie come in first (get used to it), while Jim's stitches finally give out and he and Marsha leave the Race.

Who Says Pageant Girls Don't Eat?

Original Airdate: 07.27.2004

Who knew caviar could be such hell? Or that the international word for "train" was "choo-choo" – if said in a high pitch sing-song voice? First? Chip and Kim. Not so lucky? Bob and Joyce.

Are You Good At Puzzles?

Original Airdate: 08.03.2004

How is it that it took five seasons before we got to see Phil phrolicking at the phyramids? Colin and Christie are first; Linda and Karen last – but wait! It's a non-elimination.

Why Can't We Get a Camel?

Original Airdate: 08.10.2004

Quitters never win, but they do own a NY pizza restaurant in Dallas. Colin and Christie are first; Marshall and Lance are still someplace in Egypt…bitching and moaning about the locals.

Are You Sure This Is Safe?

Original Airdate: 08.17.2004

Secret destinations – ooooOOooo - ugliness over a transportation fee and more forced over-eating. Chip and Kim arrive first; Charla and Mirna are eliminated.

I'm Going to Jail

Original Airdate: 08.24.2004

Jails. Tanzanian jails. Racer almost stuck in Tanzanian jail. Viewers? Uncomfortable. Somehow, even with the drama, Colin and Christie come in first. Kami and Karli live to beg one more episode in Dubai.

If You're Gonna Whine, Just Shut up!

Original Airdate: 08.31.2004

India – it's packed with drama! (And a few bricks.) It doesn't, however, have locks of blonde curly hair lying abandoned in a ditch on the side of the road someplace. First? Oh, figure it out. Brandon and Nicole are non-eliminated.

They're Screwing the Helmet to my Head---It Can't Be Good

Original Airdate: 09.07.2004

It's Zorb time, baby! Chip's a big tease and Kim's not too happy about it. First? Do we really need to tell you? And finally, Kami and Karli go rolling away.

It's Okay, Run Them Over

Original Airdate: 09.14.2004

Battleground: Manila. Combatants: Colin and one ornery Ox. Winner? The viewers. Guess who didn't come in first this time? They are, however, saved by a non-elim. Chip and Kim take first.

You've Just Made Me a Millionaire!

Original Airdate: 09.21.2004

Two action packed hours brings us to the end of our journey. Halfway through, we have to say good-bye to the Moms. Chip and Kim, Colin and Christie, and Brandon and Nicole race to the finish line – and finish in that order.