The Amazing Race 4

Meet the Teams

Original Airdate: 12.31.1969

Not a real episode, just our attempt to get to know the teams before the race actually starts airing.

Cheaters Never Win...And They Cheated!

Original Airdate: 05.29.2003

You can tell the Race is off to a rough start when some teams can't even get out of the parking lot. They race from L.A. to Italy where Debra & Steve become the first team to be eliminated from the fourth edition of the Race.

It Doesn't Say Anything About First Come First Served...And We're Bigger

Original Airdate: 06.05.2003

The maze known as Venice does in a couple of cussing racers as things heat up in the second leg. Should things really be getting this testy this early?

I Wasn't Even Going To Touch You Until You Slammed My Head

Original Airdate: 06.12.2003

Millie suffers from an asthma attack and then accuses Chip of attacking her as the teams head to Vienna. Russell & Cindy bicker their way into last place while Steve & Josh Fast Forward into first.

Check Your Tires Because...Oh God, You Never Know What'll Happen!

Original Airdate: 06.19.2003

From first to worst, Steve & Josh—apparently the victims of confusing town names—are eliminated. (Hey, haven't we heard that story before?) There are more fights about lines than you can shake a stick at. (What, again?)

You Are Just Deliberately Trying To Make Us Lose!

Original Airdate: 06.26.2003

Teams are tested by turds and whey as we all learn how to "high poo five." Millie & Chuck Fast Forward to first via a windmill while Steve & Dave are eliminated for coming in last . . . for real this time.

I Could Have Never Been Prepared For What I'm Looking At Right Now

Original Airdate: 07.03.2003

India always means drama as the teams discover how difficult a simple task like riding a train can be. Oh, and laundry isn't all that much fun either. David & Jeff (who?) arrive on the mat first. Monica & Sheree are not so lucky and are eliminated.

We're Going Down The Wrong Side Of The Freeway...And The Lights Are Off!

Original Airdate: 07.10.2003

Still in India, David & Jeff keep their lead as the teams take on crazy cab drivers, a long train ride, muddy bulls, and skinny elephants. Tian & Jaree are eliminated.

The Princess Reminded Me of My Grandmother

Original Airdate: 07.17.2003

Hey, did you know Reichen & Chip were gay? Or that Millie & Chuck were virgins? Did you care? Yeah, that's what we thought. Jon & Al come in first; Kelly & Jon are saved by a non-elimination leg.

We're Not at Charm School Learning How to Be a Gentleman, We're Racing

Original Airdate: 07.24.2003

Reichen & Chip beat Kelly & Jon in a race for the Fast Forward. Everyone has trouble with some nut bunches, and sleep deprivation does Millie & Chuck in as they are eliminated in a close and tense race for the mat.

That's Me. That's My Face. Just Hit My Face. Hit My Face!

Original Airdate: 07.31.2003

The teams head to South Korea where they encounter such obstacles as live octopi that must be consumed and wooden boards that must be broken. Kelly & Jon come in first while David & Jeff are saved thanks to a non-elimination leg.

Such a Nice Pheromone Smell to You; Just Makes Me Want to Stay Close

Original Airdate: 08.07.2003

It's a long trip to Australia, but David & Jeff cut it a little short with the Fast Forward. Jon & Al aren't as lucky: Even a time penalty against Reichen & Chip can't save them, and we bid them a sad farewell.

He's A Couple Of Ticks Away From Having A Heart Attack

Original Airdate: 08.14.2003

It's a wooly leg as the teams start with a hunt for Clues in a woolshed. David & Jeff manage to stay in first. Kelly & Jon come in last but are saved by the Race's final non-elimination leg.

It's Like Adam Building His First House!

Original Airdate: 08.21.2003

Season Four ends rather anti-climactically in Phoenix with Reichen & Chip crossing the finish line first. Kelly & Jon end up in second. David & Jeff get lost in Hawaii and are never heard from again.