The Amazing Race 3

What If Our Parachute Doesn't Open?

Original Airdate: 10.02.2002

From the swamps of Miami to Mexico City, the third season of TAR gets off to a fun start. Ken & Gerard Fast Forward into first while Sylvia & Gina fall into last and are eliminated.

This Seems Like The Path Straight To Hell!

Original Airdate: 10.09.2002

On the way to Cancun, there's some pyramid climbing, jet skiing, swimming with dolphins, and a bus accident. Derek & Drew come in first thanks to the Fast Forward while Tramel & Talicia are all wet in last place.

You Always Just Forget About Me!

Original Airdate: 10.16.2002

Even a Fast Forward can't save Dennis & Andrew from elimination after the difficulties they experience trying to get plane tickets from Cancun to London. And who knew punting could be so much fun to watch?

Did You See How I Stopped It? With My Face

Original Airdate: 10.23.2002

In Portugal, the teams transport wine, are transported by cabs to a soccer field in Lisbon, and then must use their feet to transport themselves to the Pit Stop. Well, most of them use their feet. Good-bye, Heather & Eve.

What Happens If I Slip? Am I Just Hanging Off A Cliff?

Original Airdate: 10.30.2002

In yet another reading-is-fundamental lesson, four teams learn that "diesel" does not equal "unleaded" to your average combustion engine. Ken & Gerard arrive at the Pit Stop in Fez first while Michael & Kathy end up last and are eliminated.

I’m A Much Better Liar than You Are

Original Airdate: 11.13.2002

There's a race for the Fast Forward between Teri & Ian and John Vito & Jill. Teri & Ian win and arrive in Marrakech first. Aaron & Arianne, still suffering from the last leg’s diesel problems, finish last and are eliminated.

I’m Supposed To Be Indebted To Her For The Rest Of The Race?!

Original Airdate: 11.20.2002

Airport drama rules the start of the episode that takes us to Europe and to puppets you'd just rather not know about. Flo & Zach get the Fast Forward from a surfer while Andre & Damon nap their way into last place.

This Is More Important Than Your Pants Falling Down!

Original Airdate: 11.27.2002

There's ferry controversy, Clues in haystacks, safe-cracking, and pants issues as the teams continue their European trek. John Vito & Jill lose a footrace to the finish line to Ken & Gerard but are saved thanks to a non-elimination leg.

Why Did You Have To Take Your Pants Off?

Original Airdate: 12.04.2002

We finally leave Europe and head to Singapore as CBS airs two episodes of the Race back-to-back but counts them as one on its website. Goodbye, John Vito & Jill!

Don’t Try To Play The Moralist Now!

Original Airdate: 12.11.2002

Teri & Ian fare well in Vietnam, even as veteran Ian has to deal with the emotions that his return to the country stirs up. Derek & Drew are eliminated after they reach the mat without completing a task and are forced to backtrack.

They’re Slithering To The Finish Line Like The Rest Of Us!

Original Airdate: 12.18.2002

An amazingly tense finale gives us an ending no one could have predicted after Flo's breakdown—Flo & Zach win, Teri & Ian come in second, and Ken & Gerard round things out in third.