The Amazing Race 2

The World Is Waiting: Go!

Original Airdate: 03.11.2002

Eleven teams are off and running from the Nevada desert. They kiss Fat Maria in Rio en route to the Pit Stop yacht. Tara & Wil take an early lead while Deidre & Hillary are the first team to be Philiminated.

Help Me, I'm American!

Original Airdate: 03.13.2002

Shola & Doyin claim the Fast Forward after a round of beach volleyball. After a 900 mile bus trip, Hope & Norm are the last team to arrive at the Iguaçu Falls jungle camp.

My Alarm Clock Didn't Go Off!

Original Airdate: 03.20.2002

While the Grannies’ day goes from bad to worse, the other teams visit Nelson Mandela’s cell, dance on the pier, and discover smileys in Langa township.

This Game Is About Minutes

Original Airdate: 03.27.2002

After an extended Pit Stop at a winery, teams set off for Namibia, where Danny limps to a Fast Forward victory and the Twins get really lost (and stuck) in the desert.

Welcome To The World Of Being Human

Original Airdate: 04.03.2002

This episode ignites controversy about the definition of bus vs. minibus and appropriate prayers to accompany a car offering. The Chas find an ally in Fern, while Cyndi & Russell don’t and have trouble navigating the streets and waterways of Bangkok.

I'm Gonna Take His Girl

Original Airdate: 04.10.2002

While racing through Thailand, teams squabble—about purchases in the flower market and about rafting and elephant-cleaning techniques—but are spared by a non-elimination leg.

I'm Gonna Throw Up On Phil's Shoes

Original Airdate: 04.17.2002

Welcome to Hong Kong, home of the Star Ferry, the Wishing Tree, the HIT container port, and some potent herbal tea that is the last straw for Mary & Peach.

I'm Not a Miner! No, You're An Idiot!

Original Airdate: 04.24.2002

This two-part episode teaches several useful Race lessons, including the wonders of the Cha philosophy, the importance of reading Clues, and the risks of switching Detours (bye, Gary & Dave). Oh yeah, and throwing a boomerang is harder than it looks.

Ready To Lose Our Lives

Original Airdate: 05.01.2002

Teams leave behind the Outback Road Trains of Australia for New Zealand, home of this season’s bungee jump, conflict over checking luggage on regional flights, and another non-elimination leg. And don’t forget: “Dude, white sheep is listening!”

It's Hammer Time

Original Airdate: 05.08.2002

After a long drive, a ferry trip, and yet more driving, Tara & Wil claim the Fast Forward, while the other teams rappel into a cave and go off-roading. The Power of the Cha isn’t enough, and Oswald & Danny are eliminated.

Follow That Plane!

Original Airdate: 05.15.2002

The final three teams hit Maui to pick painted pineapples (say that five times fast!) and snorkel before heading to Alaska. It all comes down to a footrace in San Francisco, where Chris & Alex come away with the big toy check.