The Amazing Race 17

They Don't Call It the Amazing Race For Nothin'!

Original Airdate: 09.26.2010

Teams start out in Gloucester, MA and head to London, Stonehenge and then Eastnor castle where they have to storm the castle walls and pull a boat across a river. Next up is melon hurling. Jill & Thomas come in first. Bye, Ron & Tony.

A Kiss Saves the Day

Original Airdate: 10.03.2010

Teams head to Accra, Ghana where they have to sell sunglasses on the street. They then choose between antenna installing or coffin transport. Brook & Claire come in first; say good-bye to Andie & Jenna.

In Phil We Trust

Original Airdate: 10.10.2010

Teams head across town where they have to jump rope. Next they haul things and take a geography quiz. For the detour, they choose between rolling a bicycle hoop or decoding a puzzle. Connor & Jonathon come in 1st; Michael & Kevin are saved by a non-elim.

We Should Have Brought Gloves and Butt Pads

Original Airdate: 10.17.2010

Teams head to the Arctic Circle (Sweden) where they mush dogs and then have to choose between sledding or building a tent. Nat & Kat come in first. Connor & Jonathon sing their way out.

Tastes Like a Million Dollars

Original Airdate: 10.24.2010

In Norway, teams take a gondola ride. One team decides to take the Fast Forward and have to eat a sheep’s head. The rest of the teams descend from a bridge and then have to decide between boating and biking. Nat & Kat come in first. Bye Katie & Rachel.

Run, Babushka, Run

Original Airdate: 10.31.2010

Teams head to St Petersburg, Russia, where they have to choose between matching music and matching film. Next they have to Babushka it up while planting potatoes. Jill & Thomas finish first. Nick & Vicki are saved by a non-elimination.

I Want to Be in the Circus, That's Where I Belong

Original Airdate: 11.07.2010

In St Petersburg, teams play some tunes or balance plates. Next up, the Russian version of bowling. Nat & Kat come in first. Many teams make transportation mistakes and penalties do Michael & Kevin in.

Ali Baba in a Suit

Original Airdate: 11.14.2010

Teams head to Oman where one member rappels and then hunts for the right lantern. They then have to choose between drawing and delivering water or helping out with a wedding. Chad & Stephanie get first. Bye, Gary & Mallory.

There's a Lot of Nuts and Bullets

Original Airdate: 11.21.2010