The Amazing Race 16

Nanna is Kicking Your Butt

Original Airdate: 02.14.2010

Teams have to get to the airport via public transport…in LA. Then, they head off to Chile (not China) where they walk on cables way up in the air. Next up, they paint a house. Jordan & Jeff come in 1st; Dana & Adrian are going home.

When the Cow Kicked Me in the Head

Original Airdate: 03.21.2010

Teams take a variety of buses to Puerto Varas. They then have to choose between playing dress-up with llamas or dressing up as condors. Finally, they have to gather the ingredients for a kuchen. Jet & Cord come in first; Jody & Shannon say adios.

Run Like Scalded Dogs!

Original Airdate: 03.28.2010

Teams head to Bariloche, Argentina where they play poker against a product placement gnome. Next up, rope a hay bale and then chose between riding a toy polo pony or finding buried loot. Jet & Cord repeat in first; adios Monique & Shawne.

We Are No Longer in the Bible Belt

Original Airdate: 03.07.2010

Teams bungee jump in Hamburg, Germany before having to kick soccer balls, eat sauerkraut and guzzle beer. Louie & Michael make it to the Red Light District first, while Jeff & Jordan are spared in this non-elimination leg.

I Think We're Fighting the Germans, Right?

Original Airdate: 03.14.2010

During the pit stop, teams are taken to France where they must buy a baguette. Next they have to choose between two war-based tasks. Then they have to ride very old bicycles. Louie & Michael come in 1st; Joe & Heidi get U-Turned and the pity elimination.

Cathy Drone?

Original Airdate: 03.21.2010

The teams are still in France where several get lost on their way to a wine cellar rappel. Next, they choose between building champagne towers and searching for flags in a vineyard. A mime greets them at the pit stop. Jeff & Jordan are Philiminated.


Original Airdate: 03.28.2010

Teams fly to Mahe, Seychelles where they choose between leading a tortoise across a finish line and loading an ox cart with coconuts. Sunken bottles contained maps to the pit stop. Steve & Allie lost their backpacks. Jet & Cord were saved by a NEL.

You're Like Jason Bourne, Right?

Original Airdate: 04.04.2010

Dumb Did Us In

Original Airdate: 04.11.2010

Teams met the host of TAR Asia in Singapore where Dan & Jordan won the Fast Forward. After drum pounding or ice cream selling, it took 521 links to get to the end of an anchor chain. Zip lining led to the Pit Stop. A U-Turn put an end to Carol & Brandy.

I Feel Like I'm In, Like, Sicily

Original Airdate: 04.25.2010

Teams head to Shanghai where they have to make noodles by hand. Next, they assemble fashionable outfits. Then, in a 2nd roadblock, whoever didn’t do the noodles has to assemble a puzzle. Jet & Cord come in 1st; Louie & Michael are saved by a non-elim.

They Don't Even Understand Their Own Language

Original Airdate: 05.02.2010

Teams stay in Shanghai and seek enlightenment by counting gold statues. Next up, they are passengers on motorcycles and then choose between pork chops or pork dumplings. Brett & Caite come in first; Louie & Michael say a sad good-bye.

Huger Than Huge

Original Airdate: 05.09.2010

It was a race to the finish line...that I couldn't hear because I was at TARcon. Dan & Jordan won, Jet & Cord came in second, and Brent & Caite brought up the rear.