The Amazing Race 15

They Thought Godzilla Was Walking Down the Street

Original Airdate: 09.27.2009

Pt 1: Eric & Lisa don't make it past the start line. In Tokyo, Meghan & Cheyne come in first; Maria & Tiffany are still in it, but incur a 2 hour penalty. Pt 2: Teams get muddy in Vietnam where Gary & Matt come in first; Garrett & Jessica go home.

It's Like Being Dropped on Planet Mars

Original Airdate: 10.03.2009

Teams head to Ho Chi Minh City where the Detour is a choice between hauling animal statues and spotting letters on transport from above. For the Roadblock, they "recycled" VCRs. The Globetrotters come in first. Good-bye Marcy & Ron.

Sean Penn Cambodia Here We Come

Original Airdate: 10.11.2009

Teams go through an airport bunch on their way to Cambodia. They chose between selling helmets or matching scarves. Next up, they all go monkey. Seriously. Zev & Justin arrive first, but sans Zev's passport and are eliminated.

I'm Like Ricky Bobby

Original Airdate: 10.18.2009

Teams head off to Dubai where they must find the world's tallest building. They ride across the desert in SUVs and then search for water. Next up, they build or find a snowman. Meghan & Cheyne fast forward into first. Lance & Keri go bye-bye.

Do It for the Hood! Do It for the Suburbs!

Original Airdate: 10.25.2009

Teams remain in Dubai where they hook up hookahs or count up gold. The roadblock is rowing to meet a sheik on a yacht and getting a watch that is a clue to open a briefcase. An easy clue for all but one team. A waterslide is Mika & Canaan's downfall.

This Is Not My Finest Hour

Original Airdate: 11.01.2009

Teams head to Amsterdam where they have to climb cathedral stairs and count bells. Next up, they have to decide between dancing and golfing both of which involve interesting wardrobe options. Sam & Dan come in first; Maria & Tiffany quit.

This Is the Worst Thing I've Ever Done in My Life

Original Airdate: 11.08.2009

Teams head to Stockholm where they to choose between blowing something up or decoding a message. Then, they have to relive the needle/haystack challenge from season 6. Flight Time & Big Easy come in first; Garry & Matt are saved by a non-elim.

We're Not Meant for the Swamp

Original Airdate: 11.15.2009

Teams head to Estonia where they have to know what "candelabra" means and how it might be useful. Gary & Matt take a sauna on a bus. Then they choose between muddy volleyball or slingshot. Meghan & Cheyne come in first; Garry & Matt say good-bye.

We're Not Working with Anybody, Ever, Anymore!

Original Airdate: 11.22.2009

Teams head to Prague which is a city, btw. There, they have to decide between rafting or roping. For the Roadblock, someone has to search for a tiny violin in an opera house. Meghan & Cheyne come in first; Brian & Ericka are saved by a non-elim.

It Starts with an "F," That's All I'm Saying

Original Airdate: 11.29.2009

Teams stay in Prague where they have to answer phones. Next they strip down and freeze their nutbunches off for 2 minutes. Then they choose between delivering a golem or beer. Meghan & Cheyne come in first; Flight Time & Big Easy eliminate themselves.

Amazing Grace, How Sweet the Sound

Original Airdate: 12.06.2009

The Race finishes in Vegas where the teams face a terrifying Road Block, bounce with Cirque de Soleil and hang with Wayne Newton. In the end, it ends up pretty much as you probably guessed with Meghan and Cheyne taking home a well-deserved million!