The Amazing Race 14

Don't Let a Cheese Hit Me

Original Airdate: 02.15.2009

And they're off! First stop: Switzerland and a bungee jump of doom. After that excitement, we get the comic relief of Racers racking their cheese (no poo, though). Margie & Luke come in first. It's a footrace for last place and Jennifer & Preston lose.

Your Target Is Your Partner's Face

Original Airdate: 02.22.2009

Teams head to Munich, Germany where they have to fly down a mountain, but high winds mean most run down instead. Next, they choose between riding a Segway or tossing pies at their partners. Tammy & Victor come in first. Tschüss, Steve & Linda.

I'm Not Wearing That Girl's Leotard!

Original Airdate: 03.01.2009

Racers go to Bucharest, Romania for a gymnastics challenge. Next up is Transylvania where they choose between moving gypsy gear or dragging coffins down a hill. Brad & Victoria's airport drama has them fall behind early and they are the ones Philiminated.

It Was Like a Caravan of Idiots

Original Airdate: 03.08.2009

Teams head to Siberia where they have to either stack wood or assemble and put shutters on a house. The Blind U-Turn makes its debut. Next up is bobsledding. Christie & Jodi come in first. Amander & Chris are eliminated.

She's a Little Scared of Stick, But I Think She'll Be Okay!

Original Airdate: 03.15.2009

We're still in Siberia where teams choose between driving snowplows through a course or driving brides to their grooms. A race through the city in their underwear to the first non-elimination pit stop provides hilarity. Bonus: Phil in his skivvies.

Alright Guys, We're at War!

Original Airdate: 03.22.2009

In Jaipur, India racers tackle a camel care roadblock. In the detour, teams either move barrels of hay or shake it in horse costumes. Tammy & Victor come in first and, after an elephant painting speedbump, Jodi & Christie are Philiminated.

Gorilla? Gorilla?? Gorilla???

Original Airdate: 03.29.2009

In Phuket, teams take photos with a tiger and get tapped on the tush by an elephant. A tea shop clue search causes frustration. At the pit stop, Mark & Michael sit out a double penalty, Margie swoons from the heat, and we say goodbye Mel & Mike.

Rooting Around in People's Mouths Could Be Unpleasant

Original Airdate: 04.12.2009

Teams head to Bangkok where they have to put a propeller on a boat. Next up, they have a choice between matching people to dentures and singing in a cab. Margie & Luke come in first. Mark & Michael get a 4 hour penalty, but are saved by a non-elim.

Our Parents Will Cry Themselves to Death

Original Airdate: 04.19.2009

Teams head to Guilin, China where teams get shovey. Teams toss fish to retriever birds while Mark & Michael wash hair for their speed bump. They then have to choose between dancing and writin’ pretty. Kisha & Jen come in first. Mark & Michael are gone.

Having A Baby's Gotta Be Easier Than This

Original Airdate: 04.26.2009

The bickering continues as teams navigate Beijing, where they encounter an intense foot massage, fear of drowning, and the inability to jump in sync. Cara & Jamie manage to arrive at the Pit Stop first, but their relief is short-lived, as we're left TBC.

He Made Me Look Like Alice Cooper

Original Airdate: 05.03.2009

In Beijing, teams take orders, make each other up, and eat yummy fried larvae. Victor and Tammy have language skills and Victor's iron stomach to thank for their first place finish, but Jen’s tiny bladder leaves her team out of the final three.

This is How You Lose a Million Dollars

Original Airdate: 05.10.2009

Final 3 teams head to Hawaii to prep a pig for roasting & search a buoy field. In the Roadblock, Racers line up surfboards with pics representing each leg of the race. Victor finishes first and steps on the final mat with a pantsless Tammy to win!