The Amazing Race 13

Bees Are Much Calmer Than All This!

Original Airdate: 09.28.2008

Season 13 starts off by sending teams to Salvador, Brazil where their cart pushing skills and fear of heights are tested. The Spanglers plant their banner at the pit stop first; Anita and Arthur are free to return to their bees.

Do You Like American Candy?

Original Airdate: 10.05.2008

On the way to Fortaleza, Tina scares an airline into giving them a larger plane. Once there, teams roll logs under a boat, look for a cargo container, and read some signs. Ken & Tina finish first; Anthony & Stephanie learn to appreciate the little things.

Did You Push My Sports Bra off the Ledge?

Original Airdate: 10.12.2008

Teams struggle with altitude and clues as they march and bike their way through La Paz. Racers wrestle Fighting Cholitas before heading to the finish line. Ken & Tina come in first; Mark & Bill's taxi ride costs them a 30-minute penalty, and the Race.

I Wonder if They Like Blondes in New Zealand?

Original Airdate: 10.19.2008

Teams head to Phil's homeland where teams race for the Fast Forward, untie a knot, rub noses with a warrior, look for a product placement gnome, stomp on kiwis, and ride blokarts. Ken & Tina hat-trick; Bye-bye Marisa & Brooke. Hi, PhilDad!

Do It Like a Madman

Original Airdate: 10.26.2008

Teams speed and bunch their way to Siem Reap, Cambodia, where they pump diesel (yes, diesel), go fishing, shopping, and shoot some hoops. Next up, wandering around the beautiful Angkor Wat. Nick & Starr come in first; Aja & Ty never had a chance.

Please Hold While I Singe My Skull

Original Airdate: 11.02.2008

After all promising to buckle down and stop making silly mistakes, teams head to Delhi, India. Once there, teams boss their partners through car painting and laundering money or clothes. Nick & Starr come in first; Ken & Tina are saved by a non-elim.

My Nose Is on Fire

Original Airdate: 11.09.2008

Teams stay in India where they get a little colorful and learn the importance of keeping one’s mouth shut at the Holi Festival. For the Detour, they choose to follow electrical lines or deliver spice. Nick & Starr come in first; adios Kelly & Christy.

I'm Like an Angry Cow

Original Airdate: 11.16.2008

Teams head to Kazakhstan where they search for a golden egg or gut it out for the Fast Forward. After getting a clue from a hawk, they chose between playing a folk song or dressing up like a cow. Nick & Starr come in first; sau bol Terence & Sarah.

That Is Studly

Original Airdate: 11.23.2008

After doing some shoe shopping, Teams head to Moscow where they choose between marching and serving borscht. For the Roadblock, one team member delivered 50 sacks of flour. Toni & Dallas come in first; Andrew & Dan are saved by a non-elim. Damn it.

You're Gonna Get Me Killed

Original Airdate: 11.30.2008

Still in Moscow, the teams look for a submarine and then count statues of Lenin and Stalin. Next up, choose between taking the metro or a trolley bus. Nick & Starr come in first; Toni & Dallas lose their passports and money and are eliminated.

You Look Like Peter Pan

Original Airdate: 12.07.2008

Teams head to their final destination: Portland, Oregon. Once there, they have to finish a killer puzzle memory task, run around like mad fiends, and find the magic in the hole. Nick & Starr win it all.