The Amazing Race 12

Donkeys Have Souls Too

Original Airdate: 11.04.2007

Season 12 kicks off as teams fly from L.A. to Ireland. After some high wire bicycling and stubborn donkeys, Azaria & Hendekea claim 1st place and win a trip to Alberta while Ari & Staella are Philiminated.

I've Become the Archie Bunker of the Home

Original Airdate: 11.11.2007

Teams travel to Amsterdam to do some hoisting, biking and muddy vaulting. Jason & Lorena come in first, winning a pair of sport bikes while the lovely Kate & Pat were, sadly, Philiminated.

Please, Lord, Give Me Milk

Original Airdate: 11.18.2007

Teams Race to Burkina Faso where they have to milk camels boy camels according to most of the teams and go to school. Azaria & Hendekea come in 1st. Marianna & Julia are done in by careful clue reading now that's a first.

Let's Name Our Chicken Phil

Original Airdate: 11.25.2007

Teams stay in Africa where they acquire a chicken and have to choose between dancing and mining. Shana & Jennifer use the Race's first U-Turn on the doomed Lorena & Jason. First place once again belongs to Azaria & Hendekea.

We've Really Burned Bridges, for Sure

Original Airdate: 12.02.2007

Teams leave Burkina Faso and head to Lithuania where they do some stilt walking, post counting and mingling with the locals. TK and Rachel finish first, winning a 10 day trip to Japan while Shana and Jennifer bicker themselves right out of the Race.

Cherry on Top of the Sundae That's Already Melted

Original Airdate: 12.09.2007

After tedious airport drama and kvetching, Teams head to Dubrovnik. They stick a stone in a wall, zip over and then into some water, climb walls and row a boat. Ron & Chris come in first and Azaria & Hendekea are eliminated. (Huh?)

This is Forever, Now

Original Airdate: 12.23.2007

The Racers split Croatia and head to Italy. On the way, TK & Rachel lose their clue and yell and scream at each other (or not). Gramps & kiddo get matching tattoos that boost them into first while Kynt & Vyxsin are saved by a non-elim.

Honestly, They Have Witch Powers or Something!

Original Airdate: 12.30.2007

The Race heads to Mumbai where they read a newspaper, bump into some yoga, paste up posters, string flowers, and deliver propane. Rachel & TK come in first. Kynt & Vyxsin U-Turn a team in front of them and are eliminated.

I Just Hope He Doesn't Croak on Us

Original Airdate: 01.06.2008

On the way to Japan, TK & Rachel get screwed over by an inattentive travel agent. Once in Osaka, teams drive a cab through confusing streets, sniff flowers, and play soccer with robots. Ron & Chris come in first. TK & Rachel are saved by a non-elim.

Sorry, Guys, I'm Not Happy to See You

Original Airdate: 01.13.2008

Teams head to Taipei where they ride in a car first up in the air and then underwater. After TK & Rachel speed bump through some fireworks, everyone drinks tea and walks on some sharp rocks. Ron & Chris finish first; bu-bye Nate & Jen.

The Final Push

Original Airdate: 01.20.2008

Teams head to Anchorage for the final leg. After some fish gutting, glacier climbing, and one heck of a final Roadblock, TK & Rachel cross the finish line first, followed by Ron & Christina, and Nicholas & Don.