The Amazing Race: All-Stars

I Told You Less Martinis and More Cardio

Original Airdate: 02.18.2007

Our All-Stars leave Miami for Ecuador and, after some horse wrangling, Rob & Amber come in first, winning a trip to exotic...Canada? Sadly, the lovely Jill & John Vito are the first team to be Philiminated.

Beauty is Sometimes Skin Deep

Original Airdate: 02.25.2007

Airport drama leaves Romber & The Chas stranded, but not for long as they come in 1st & 2nd. The Blondes have a brunette moment and figure out the Roadblock 1st. It's a tense drive to the mat, but, deep breath my friends, Kevin & Drew are eliminated.

I'm Sorry I'm Wearing a Bathing Suit. It Is Very Weird, I Know

Original Airdate: 03.04.2007

Teams flounder their way through Chile while trying to come to grips with their Ichthyophobia. They all choose wild white water rafting but some go overboard in their enthusiasm. Rob & Amber get the hat trick and we bid adios to Team Kentucky.

No Babies On the Race

Original Airdate: 03.11.2007

Teams head to Punta Arenas for a spelling test and then to Ushuaia for a needle in a haystack at the end of the world. Lies, trash-talk, and cab-stealing go before a fall when Danny & Oswald come in first and Romber goes down!

You Need to Watch Your Jokes, Guy

Original Airdate: 03.18.2007

Teams fly to Mozambique, where the rats are smart, the manicures al fresco and sometimes free, and the coal bags messy. Danny & Oswald act like true fans by chasing Phil, Charla & Mirna win the leg, and Uchenna & Joyce are saved by an NEL.

We're Going to Trade You for Food Now

Original Airdate: 03.25.2007

On the way to Dar es Salaam the airport gods love one team, dislike some, and really hate the rest. Teams puzzle, schlep, and toss their way through the course. Charla & Mirna come in first, Teri & Ian are eliminated -- the next morning.

If I Were in Town, I'd Ask for Your Number

Original Airdate: 04.01.2007

Teams head to Poland for an emotional visit to Auschwitz. An Intersection helps Uchenna & Joyce and Danny & Oswald Fast Foward into first while the remaining teams eat sausage and play at being knights. Team Guido will toast to evil in Sequesterville

The Way You Look, Yeah

Original Airdate: 04.08.2007

The teams head to Malaysia where they batik, bite into cookies, and recycle papers. The Barbies yield Eric & Danielle and come in first. Uchenna & Joyce are unable to overcome a bad air travel decision and are sent straight to Sequesterville.

We Are Trying to Make Love, Not War

Original Airdate: 04.15.2007

En route to Hong Kong, it's a battle of the blondes as airport drama leads to inter-team drama. Danny & Oswald Fast Forward into first while the other teams kung-fu fight, knock down doors, and play with boats. Eric & Danielle are saved by a NEL.

Good Doing Business With You

Original Airdate: 04.22.2007

Teams head to the highest Sky Jump in Macau where the Beauty Queens strike a deal with a broke Danny & Oswald: $45.00 in exchange for the Yielding of Eric & Danielle. In the end, Dustin & Kandice finish first and Danny & Oswald are saved by a NEL.

Oh My God, the Teletubbies Go to War

Original Airdate: 04.29.2007

The Race heads to Guam where teams have to get military escorts to their tasks: cleaning an engine, assembling a care package, and a search & rescue operation. Danny & Oswald's MFE penalty becomes irrelevant as they finish in 4th again.

Low to the Ground, That's My Technique

Original Airdate: 05.06.2007

What? You are expecting a summary? We are all at TARcon. Just read the spoilers in Steve & Dave's last column.