The Amazing Race 10

Real Fast! Quack, Quack!

Original Airdate: 09.17.2006

TAR opens with a bang as teams are sent to China where Bilal & Sa'eed are Philiminated in the middle of the leg. Vipul & Arti are last to the Pit Stop and also take the walk of shame. In happier news, Tyler & James finish 1st and win a cool $20,000.

Can Horses Smell Fear?

Original Airdate: 09.24.2006

The teams head to Mongolia where they experience nothing but trouble: car trouble, animal trouble, and hat trouble. While beasts of burden steal the show (again), Peter & Sarah work their way into first. Let's give a parting cheer to Kellie & Jamie.

Oh Wow, It's like One of Those Things You See on TV!

Original Airdate: 10.01.2006

After heading to Vietnam with no money, Racers learn why you don't want to stay at the Hanoi Hilton. Er- & God- win the leg. Thanks to a penalty, Tom & Terry are almost scooted out of the Race but, in the end, it's Duke & Lauren who are sent packing.

I Know Phil, Little Ol' Gorgeous

Original Airdate: 10.08.2006

Racers honk for dong and get hooked on phonics in Hanoi. After a standard ascend and rappel, Racers struggle to row themselves around the Detour. Rob & Kimberly bicker their way into first while an exhausted Tom & Terry are sent packing.

I Covered His Mouth, Oh My Gosh!

Original Airdate: 10.15.2006

After intense travel agency drama, the Racers head to India where they have to learn to make rice art, transport alligators (insert Steve Irwin joke here), and learn how to drive India-style. Mary & Dave are non-Philiminated in an all new way.

Maybe Steven Segal Will See Me and Want Me to Be in One of His Movies.

Original Airdate: 10.22.2006

A visual clue sends teams to Kuwait Towers in Kuwait City. The Chos give the FF to Kentucky, who brave the heat to win the leg. Teams climb, fill bags of feed, and race remote control camels. Peter & Sarah get lost and leave the race and each other.

I Wonder If This Is Going to Make My Fingers Pickle

Original Airdate: 10.29.2006

The teams head out to Mauritius where they swim, struggle with broken cars, break their cars, go sailing and give up on searching through salt piles. Dustin & Kandice come in first; David & Mary are once again a marked couple.

He Can't Swim but He Can Eat Cow Lips!

Original Airdate: 11.05.2006

In Madagascar, the Racers encounter the first Intersection. Forced to team up, Tyler & James and Rob & Kimberly take the Fast Forward while 'bama & Kentucky compete against the Barbies and the Chos in the Detour. David & Mary say good-bye.

Being Polite Sucks Sometimes

Original Airdate: 11.12.2006

Teams head to Finland for a product placement e-mail from home, a very intense mud bath, and a bike ride in a mine. After a face-first rappel, the teams think it’s time for the Pit Stop…until the next clue informs them that they are still racing.

Lookin' like a Blue-Haired Lady on a Sunday Drive

Original Airdate: 11.19.2006

After completing their angel dive, the teams head to Kiev or Russia or that place the atomic bomb was dropped where they have more luck driving tanks than cars. After a lot of unfortunate rapping, we say goodbye to the Cho Bros.

We Won't Just Die, like Roaches

Original Airdate: 11.26.2006

The teams head to Morocco where the Barbies yield Bama and Phil wears some unfortunate jeans. After playing at being gladiators, teams grind some olives. The Models come in first and win cool phones and the Barbies are saved by a non-elimination.

Dude, I'm Such a Hot Giant Chick Right Now!

Original Airdate: 12.02.2006

The teams head to Casablanca where they cook and eat Shecky. Oh, how could they? Then it's Barcelona, bunching, becoming giants, and tossing tomatoes. Rob & Kim bicker their way into first and we all say bye-bye to the Barbies.

Say Your Deepest Prayers Ever

Original Airdate: 12.10.2006

The final 3 teams visit Paris on their way to the finish line in New York City but a full plane narrows it down to a 2 team race. In the end, Tyler & James win the million, with Rob & Kimberly finishing 2nd and Bama a distant 3rd.