The Amazing Race

The Race Begins

Original Airdate: 09.05.2001

And they're off! The first ever Amazing Race starts off with swinging fat bastards and a ton of fun - from New York to Zambia. Good-bye Matt and Ana, we hardly got to know ya.

Divide and Conquer

Original Airdate: 09.19.2001

Africa to Paris, where things get tense. Lenny and Karyn show the world they weren't meant for each other, but in the end, it's Kim and Leslie who are last to the mat.

Home For Some

Original Airdate: 09.26.2001

It's time for our first "did they cheat or didn't they?" debate as some of the racers take alternative transportation. In the end, Pat and Brenda are Foucaulted over.

Colossal Showdown

Original Airdate: 10.03.2001

From France to the coliseum � no, not that one, another one in Tunis. Things get sentimental when we have to say goodbye to the very lovable Margaretta and Davey.

Desert Storm

Original Airdate: 10.10.2001

The teams head out into the Sahara Desert, where some bright person thought it would be smart to mark the way to the pit stop with yellow rocks. (Yeah, in the desert.) Paul and a barfing Amie get lost along the way and are the last to arrive.

Whatever It Takes To Win

Original Airdate: 10.17.2001

The teams have a tough time leaving Tunis � and that's not entirely the fault of the travel industry. Yes, folks. This is the infamous GuidoGate episode. Lenny and Karyn arrive last on the mat, but it's the race's first non-elimination leg.

Triumph and Loss

Original Airdate: 10.24.2001

This officially starts off the grand tradition of India legs bringing the drama. The teams have a tough time facing the poverty of India. In the end, Lenny and Karyn are Philiminated just before Karyn philiminates their relationship.

Competition to the Fullest

Original Airdate: 10.31.2001

India was so dramatic, why not just stay awhile? Okay! One not-so-fun train ride later, Nancy and Emily came in last place � only to be saved by a non-elimination round.

The Unexpected Twist

Original Airdate: 11.14.2001

The episode that proved anything can happen on the race. Team Guido win the Fast Forward, but are the last to the pit stop. They are saved by Killer Fatigue � which knocks Nancy and Emily out and causes them to break a rule mid-leg.

To The Physical and Mental Limit

Original Airdate: 11.21.2001

The teams travel through tantalizing Thailand. There are a lot of physical tasks that helped show off just how gritty the remaining teams are. Team Guido are saved by the luck of the evil�or a non-elimination round. Take your pick.

Fight to the Last Minutes

Original Airdate: 11.28.2001

China � the place of rickshaw races and fateful cab rides. There's a ping-pong massacre, the eating of chicken feet, and a motorcycle (complete with side car) ride through the city of Beijing. In the end, we have to say good-bye to the beloved Frat

Race to the Finish, Part 1

Original Airdate: 12.05.2001

The Great Wall of China makes a guest appearance on the race. Next up? Alaska � home of blanket tossing, ice climbing, and shrinking, but we are getting ahead of ourselves. Once again, Team Guido comes in last, but is saved by a non-elimination.

Race to the Finish, Part 2

Original Airdate: 12.13.2001

The editors earn their keep (as if they didn't always) by putting together a tense finale - complete with "one of the best quick edits" ever. Rob and Brennan are crowned the first ever winners of The Amazing Race!