TAR 28 episode 2, 19.2.16

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TAR 28 episode 2, 19.2.16

Postby Peter on Sat Feb 20, 2016 8:14 am

Phil, forget the hair dryer. She brought a curling iron on the Amazing Race. You could make some kind of argument that a hair dryer might actually be a useful tool (since lots of Racers have had to struggle through wet environments, and being stuck with sodden wet clothes would hardly be comfortable), but a curling iron?

Wow, Cole can't even read out the place name without shouting incoherently. He's so pretty, but I think it's gonna be a long season.

It seems like, every couple of seasons, there's a team who have some experience in the commercial airline business (I can recall a lot of flight attendants in the past, although I'm having trouble with their names). Has it ever helped any of them to negotiate airports and booking advantageous flights?

Let Cole do the mud pit challenge let Cole do the mud pit challenge let Cole do the mud pit challenge ... what, I've had a rough day.

Honestly, emeralds and seafood are not the things I most associate with Colombia, but I suppose TAR couldn't incorporate that other stuff into family-friendly challenges.

Was that speed bump sign just hand-written on there? But see now I'm picturing Blair dropping the curling iron into the bucket of fish to kill them all so they don't bite her. Ah, it did come in handy.

I love the contrast between the dancers, and Burnie and Ashley, as they try to finish the pop-up tent challenge. I really like Burnie and Ashley.

I'm telling you. Tyler and Korey are the team to beat. That's where my early money is.

I really hope Darius and Cameron stick around, they seem really nice. They're just lacking that fire, and I hope they develop it and soon. They're at the back of the pack, and the Race is only gonna get more competitive.
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