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Postby pseudostudent on Mon May 11, 2009 4:13 pm

For those who have ziplines on your list, I have a recommendation for you. I just came back from Hawaii and was impressed with the structures and staff of Kaua'i Backcountry Adventures (the followup link to zipline info has video with sound).

The course is 7 lines long, laid out in fairly gentle slopes. Also unlike other courses that I've been on (this was my 4th), the landing platforms were long and tilted in such a way that as you approached, the ramp came up to meet your feet, which you kind of churn in a running/bicycling movement toward the end of your zip. The staff was great too - the two guides we went with were friendly, encouraging, and safety-conscious.

These little touches made the course very beginner-friendly, which was great, because in our group of about a dozen people, only 3 had ever zipped before. But it didn't really matter - people in our group did really well and had fun! And if that's not enough motivation for you ... one couple in our group was in their 60s, and another was in their 70s!

So go do it! Have fun!
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