The Amazing Race 9

5 Continents...10 Countries...And More than 59 thousand Miles!

Original Airdate: 05.17.2006

From the bright lights of Tokyo all the way back to Denver, Ray & Yolanda lag behind while Eric & Jeremy lead the pack. But a tricky final task switches things up and BJ & Tyler take home the million. TTOW!

Carissa Explains it All - Episode 12, Part 2 & TARflies Lunch

If BJ and Tyler are supposed to be so nice than why are they telling the hotel people to pretend they don’t speak English and have the Internet?

Carissa Explains it All - Episode 12, Part 1

I hope that Eric and Jeremy win even though I know what happens. I still think they are the best racers this season and the cutest.

Culture Report – Japan

Before heading out to TARcon, M. Darcy checks in with info about books and authors from Japan.