The Amazing Race 9

I Think This Monkey Likes Me!

Original Airdate: 05.10.2006

BJ & Tyler have wardrobe issues, MoJo have info issues and Monkeys (seriously) are the stars of the show. The Hippies barf their way through a mass cricket-eating Fast Forward while Mo pouts her way into last. Bu-bye.

“In Control” – Vol. IX, No. 11

Lately we’ve heard some grumblings about our column. There have been a couple of folks who have implied that we really don’t write about The Amazing Race at all.

Carissa Explains it All - Episode 11

It was nice that Yolanda gave BJ her purple pants and Eric gave him his sandals. Even though this is a race it doesn’t hurt to be nice once in a while.

Season 9, Episode 11

It was a tight, tight race this time, with less than half an hour separating teams at the start.