The Amazing Race 9

Here Comes the Bedouin!

Original Airdate: 04.19.2006

The Race heads to Oman where a bunch allows the Hippies to catch up - for a bit. The Frats take a camel on a scenic tour and teams perform another "needle in a haystack" task while baking in the desert. In the end, the Hippies are mugged by The Man.

Amazing Race Rant - Episode 8

Bellmoose is back from vacation and ready to rant.

Season 9, Episode 8

This leg tried to repeat the last leg’s mega-bunch, but BJ and Tyler weren’t finished paying for past sins and wound up spending the first half playing catch-up, just one bus – or flight – behind.

Culture Report — Oman

M. Darcy sends in some information about books that feature Oman.

"In Control" - Vol. IX, No. 8

A couple of columns ago we ran a little contest which even included a minor prize for winning. The prize was an autographed copy of the column that announced the contest. We knew that the prize wasn’t much, but we were serious about it.

Carissa Explains It All Episode 8

I almost didn’t get to see the show this week because we were in Boston for a few days so my dad could run in the marathon.