The Amazing Race 9

Sleep Deprivation Is Really Starting to Irritate Me

Original Airdate: 04.05.2006

Picture it: Sicily - not the middle of nowhere. Racers count small heads, carry big fish, play a little water polo and enjoy a bit of music before landing on the mat. Oh, and Phil dances a little jig. In the end, it's a nerdy elimination.

Season 9, Episode 6

This short, fast-moving leg continued the bunch-free streak that started waaaay back in Moscow.

Amazing Race Rant - Episode 6

Hey, everybody - roll up your sleeves, warm up your throat and get ready to rant.

"In Control" - Vol. IX, No. 6

If ever there were a leg designed to keep teams in the same order they left the Pit Stop, this was it.

Carissa Explains It All Episode 6

I liked how they showed what happened since the beginning up to now. This way all the new people watching can catch up with what’s going on.

The Yahtzee Method of TAR Prognostication—Episode 6 Predictions

SVNBob checks in with some last minute predictions.


M. Darcy checks in with some information about the books and movies that feature Sicily.