The Amazing Race 8

The Family Christmas Card

Original Airdate: 12.06.2005

The Race continues through the Old West. Teepees are built, wagons are wheeled, pictures are taken, and golf balls are found. Yes - they went on a golf ball hunt. We all curse an under-zealous cop as we say good-bye to the Godlewskis.

The Yahtzee Method of TAR Prognostication Leg 10b Predictions

When we last left our teams, the Linzes were lagging, the Godlewskis were gearing up, and the Bransens found out there truly was no rest for the wicke-…I mean Weavers.

Chef Daria's Amazing Menu – Dinner at My House

Since this race has mostly taken place in my home country, I thought I’d extend the “home” concept. So everyone’s invited to dinner at my house! Everyone but the Weavers, that is.