The Amazing Race 8

How's That Face Feel?

Original Airdate: 11.22.2005

The Racers drive, drop, and skate through Mormon country a tough place for a "nice" Christian family. The Weavers become the first team to be yielded twice. Nice way to feed that persecution complex. In other news, the Linzes finally come in first.

The Weaver Family

Here’s a nice family song for The Amazing Race: Family Edition.

In Control – Vol. VIII, No. 9

Who – besides us, that is – wonders why the heck The Amazing Producers would waste one of only two Yields on a non-elimination leg?

Amazing Race Rant - Episode Eight

Who rants more: Bellmoose or the Racers?

The Yahtzee Method of TAR Prognostication Leg 9 Predictions

After a double-length episode followed by one week off from this weakest of TAR seasons, we’re back. And since we’re down to the final four teams, it’s time for a little change of format.

Chef Daria's Amazing Menu – Family Vacation Disaster Edition – Pizza

So we’re back here in the lower 48. With teenagers. Trying to find something they and their parents will both eat.