The Amazing Race 8

You Look Ridiculous

Original Airdate: 11.08.2005

There's name calling, race track angst and overt underwear wearing as the Race heads back to the States in this double header episode. The Paolos navigate themselves into last while the Godlewskis bring it home in first - twice.

Amazing Race Rant - Episode Seven (Part Two)

Better late than never!

New Zealand

It's time for a hoe-down – TAR style.

In Control – Vol. VIII, No. 7 (and 8)

Before we get to the questions and answers, a bit about the last episode of TAR:FE. First, we hope you weren’t fooled by the big promos advertising a “2-Hour Special Edition” of the race.

Amazing Race Rant - Episode Seven (Part One)

Here's part one of episode seven's episodic rant.

Chef Daria's Amazing Menu Family Vacation with No Murders Yet Edition Pancakes

I was going to include waffles, but I think the Weavers’ visit to the Waffle House was sufficient.

The Yahtzee Method of TAR Prognostication – Episode 7 Predictions

The more astute among my readers (by which I naturally mean all of you) will have noticed a title change for this week’s column. There’s a good reason for that.