The Amazing Race 8

I'm Sick of Doing Stuff I Can't Do

Original Airdate: 11.01.2005

The tour of the Americas heads off to Costa Rica. The Wacky Weavers are yielded by the Paolos. The result? One team has a mental breakdown and one finishes first. You do the math. The Gaghans are done in by a red coffee bean and are sent packing.

Model Family

Time to get out your Gilbert & Sullivan hymnals and sing along.

In Control – Vol. VIII, No. 6

Steve and Dave admit to being a bit perplexed. Why does everyone in the race seem to hate the Weaver family? (Excluding the obvious reason that TARFE® is tremendously bad, and all the participants are worthy of contempt, that is.)

Amazing Race Rant - Episode Six

It's time for a little Costa Rica Race rant.

Costa Rica

M. Darcy checks in with some information about books and movies that feature Costa Rica.

The Yahtzee Method of TAR Prognostication – Leg 6 Predictions

Things are starting to get back on track. The Race finally made it out of the US, and the dice finally had an accurate prediction. Will they be two for two?

Chef Daria's Amazing Menu Costa Rica

The Race is still not in the US, and the Gaghans are still in it. Both of these things make Chef Daria very happy.