The Amazing Race 8

We're Getting Out of the Country, Girls

Original Airdate: 10.25.2005

The season's first trip out of the country, first non-elimination and first (and only) Fast Forward. The teams go to Panama, look for birds, gather instruments and play some baseball (complete with swearing). The Paolos come in first. Huh?

Shut Up Muddah (A Letter From DJ)

And you thought last week's ear worm was bad? This one has the added benefit of being campy.

TAR8, Leg 5

Here's the 411 on episode 5.


M. Darcy checks in with some information about books and movies that feature Panama.

In Control – Vol. VIII, No. 5

Hello! To the column we are now welcoming you. First, an explanation to you we are offering. Knowing you can see this plain, we are telling you that regular writers we are not.

Amazing Race Rant - Episode Five

With the Race finally going international, will Bellmoose have more or less to rant about?

The Yahtzee Method of TAR Prognostication – Leg 5 Predictions

I’ve been hitting some of the highlights this season, but most of the major points have eluded the 6 of us thus far. Maybe now that we’re leaving the US, things will get back on track.

Chef Daria's Amazing Menu Panama

Yay, it’s the old format! Hello, appetizers/soups/salads. Welcome back, meat and fish entrees. Make yourself right at home, vegetarian entrees. Glad to see you, dessert. And there’s more!