The Amazing Race 8

Think like an Office Chair

Original Airdate: 10.18.2005

Big office chair, big race track, the Big Easy it's all a ruse to make us think this episode is big. Big, I tell you! The Bransons moon their way into first; the home town curse continues as the Schroeders are sent packing.

Fashion Report Episodes 6 & 7

The Fashion Report moves on to episodes 6 and 7, as the Racers toured Costa Rica and Arizona with the usual mix of lovely views and ridiculous moments and the fashion highlights to match.

You'd Think It Was India

Ear worm alert! Ear worm alert! (Otherwise known as: proof pseudostudent is evil.)

TAR8, Leg 4

Get your episode four timeline here!

Amazing Race Rant - Episode Four

It takes more than a little bug to keep Bellmoose from ranting. In fact, sometimes it helps.

In Control – Vol. VIII, No. 4

This episode further highlighted what a bad idea “The Amazing Race, Family Edition®” really was. It also highlighted just how dumb some of these teams really are.

New Orleans

M. Darcy checks in with a piece about books and movies that feature New Orleans.

The Yahtzee Method of TAR Prognostication – Leg 4 Predictions

Well, my individual legs are somewhat accurate, but so far my overall is doing really well. Two of the three eliminated teams were in my early boot group, and the third was the wildcard that could have been anywhere in the order.