The Amazing Race 8

I Don't Kiss, I Make Out

Original Airdate: 10.11.2005

Airport drama? Charter buses? Hey, this is The Amazing Race. The Bransens get the weirdest 1st place prize ever - free gas for life. Will a Linz boy be supplying it? The Weavers go wacky, but it's the Aiellos who bring up the rear.

Fashion Report Episode 3

While the apparel so far this season has been nearly as dull as an all-night bus ride from Charleston to Huntsville, episode 3 did provide a few Waffle House freak-outs of fashion to liven things up.

Adios, Aiellos

It's time to bid a fond folksy farewell to the Aiellos. Get out your guitar and strum along.

TAR8, Leg 3

EnricoV gives us the 411 on leg 3 of The Amazing Race 8.

In Control – Vol. VIII, No. 3

Hey! An episode featuring higher math! Finally, an episode that’s right up Steve and Dave’s alley, as we use higher math every day. What do you mean, you doubt it?

Chef Daria: the American Vacation Edition Brownies!

Since TAR8–American Vacation Hell Edition is off the normal track, so is this column. Therefore, I am beginning a column about brownies by introducing my favorite dessert ever, which has no resemblance to brownies whatsoever.

Amazing Race Rant - Episode Three

Bellmoose is all gassed up and ready to rant.

The Yahtzee Method of TAR Prognostication – Leg 3 Predictions

Another off leg. Well, a slow start is not unexpected. The dice are more reliable the fewer teams there are.