The Amazing Race 7

We Have a Bad Elephant!

Original Airdate: 04.19.2005

It's all India as the über leg continues. The racers encounter stiff elephants and stubborn camels. Joyce proves she's no wimpy model as she and Uchenna shave their way into first. Lynn & Alex, however, will giggle no more on the Race.

TARtunes: Episode 8 – Bitch

Lynn and Alex sing their way into Sequesterville.

Parading Pachyderms and Colossal Camels!

All right, Race fans . . . this episode did not disappoint; it picked up a lot steam, and it had a frenzied pace throughout.

Baby You Can Drive My Camel

The second half of this two-part leg began with what was, for all intents and purposes, a thirty-six hour rolling Pit Stop across India that ended up with a big bunch in Jodhpur.

“In Control” — Leg 7 . . . we think . . . maybe

Just when you thought this season of The Amazing Race couldn’t possibly get any better, it produces a quote for the “All-time TAR Top 10 Quotes” list.

You Have a Nice-shaped Head

As they continue through India, the Racers get a 24-hour train ride instead of a nice, comfy Pit Stop. Maybe, at the next Pit Stop, they can all brush up on the art of Phrenology thanks to Joyce’s new ’do.

Amazing Race Rant — Episode Eight

A little bunching, a little head shaving and a little ranting.

The Yahtzee Method of TAR Prognostication – Leg 8b Predictions

With the TBC, I could let the results from last week’s predictions stand, but that doesn’t seem right. So I went ahead and re-rolled.

Location Report – India

Gandhi, Bollywood, curry or sacred cows—most people have some concept of India. However, the country is so large and complex that these impressions merely scratch the surface of what India really is.