The Amazing Race 7

Mow 'Em Down Like Grass

Original Airdate: 04.12.2005

In India, the racers search through boxes and serve tea. To their surprise, Gretchen & Meredith are treated like rock stars and, to our surprise, the race goes into double overtime.

TARtunes: Episode 7 - Oh Phil Keoghan

Time to kick up your heels and sing about the joys of Phil.

Tea and Tin

I was disappointed with the episode before this one, so I should say that I thought this episode was on the right track.

“In Control (to be continued)”

It was throwback week on The Amazing Race.

Just Point to Me and Don't Worry About It

The powers that be decide to psych out both the Racers and the audience. First, they send the Racers to the great equalizer that is India and then they throw in a non-Pit Stop.

Amazing Race Rant — Episode Seven

Will India bring about Killer Rant Fatigue?

Follow the Leader

After two eventful episodes spent in the confines of southern Africa, the race covered a lot more ground this week, leaping all the way to Lucknow, India.

The Yahtzee Method of TAR Prognostication – Leg 8 Predictions

I swear SVNBob got this in before the episode started - it just took us a bit to get it posted.

Chef Daria's Amazing Menu — Northern India

As one would expect from a large country with a complex history, there are significant regional differences in Indian cuisine.

Culture Report – India

M. Darcy checks in with books and movies that are related to India.