The Amazing Race 7

Houston, We Have An Elephant

Original Airdate: 04.05.2005

It's safari time! Tonight on The Wild Kingdom, racers battle for the good goat teats and drive, drive, drive while leaving sticks and clues behind. Rob & Amber win another trip and the Bros go out in, well…style?

TARtunes: Episode 6 - Our Driving

The Race is alive with the sound of music.

Is that a goat on your head, or are you just happy to see Phil?

A short leg across Botswana, with no bunch points, came down to a test of navigation and task ability.

Goats . . . Goofs . . . and . . . Getting to the Finish Line!

Well, I guess we needed a lull in the action, but this episode really didn’t do anything much for me except completely ruin my prediction that Greg and Brian would be in the final three.

No Whammies!

Fatigue is starting to set in as many of our teams are whammied by their lack of reading comprehension skills.

“In Control” – TAR 7, Leg 6...err 7? 5? 8?

Guys, if you ever needed confirmation that women hear things completely different than you say them, tonight’s show was it.

Amazing Race Rant — Episode Six

Time for a little ranting safari.

The Yahtzee Method of TAR Prognostication - Leg 7 Predictions

SVNBob is back with his unique method of prediction.

Location Report – Botswana

Botswana is land-locked nation, roughly the size of Texas, in south-central Africa. Four decades of democratic government and progressive social policies have created one of the most stable societies in Africa.

Botswana & South Africa: The Quiz

M. Darcy, our own Daily Double Diva, tests your knowledge of South Africa and Botswana. Good luck!