The Amazing Race 7

What a Gaucho You Are

Original Airdate: 03.22.2005

The racers stay in Argentina and play at being gauchos. Some people take advantage of their good luck and come in first, while some wallow in pessimism and bring up the rear. (Oh, that's Rob & Amber and Susan & Patrick – in that order.)

Fashion Report — Episode 4

Oh, fash readers (if there are any of you left), I apologize for abandoning you in your hour of need.

Horses, Planes, and How the Heck Did They Do That?

My freaking heart was racing this leg of the race… wow, each week is a completely different feel. Awesome.

TARtunes: Episode 4 - We Won't Shut Up

Time for a sing-a-long with Pessimistic Patrick!

“In Control” – Leg 4

Okay, maybe we should have called this one “Death to Smoochie…and Ray…and Deana…and Lynn…and Alex…and Patrick…” Well, you get the idea.

Stop Before We Have an Embarrassing Moment

After last week's controversial quitting, we get an episode of noisy resignation. Time for a gumption check!

TARQuiz — Episode 4

Here's a quiz about placing, splitting up, and catching up on The Amazing Race.

Of horses and horseshoes. And horses’… oh, never mind

Another short leg, this one split between the front-runners and the also-rans.

Amazing Race Rant — Episode Four

One thing good about having whiney people on the Race – they give you plenty to rant about.

Location Report – Argentina

Mama Tiger gives us the low-down on Argentina.

The Yahtzee Method of TAR Prognostication - Leg 4 Predictions

Not my best week last time. Allow me to quote myself re: Debbie & Bianca. "…I've almost upgraded [their result] to a neutral. I don't foresee much danger for them."