The Amazing Race 7

The Whole Country Hates Me

Original Airdate: 03.08.2005

As the racers head to Chile, the competition heats up. There's sneaky lies, shiny shoes, slippery books and shopping! Rob & Amber come in first while Megan and Heidi bring up the rear and shuffle off to Sequesterville.

Fashion Report — Episode 2

And we’re back with Episode Two, which was thankfully more entertaining than a certain movie with the same title.

TARtunes: Episode 2 - Oops ... We Came In Last Place

When you are looking for inspiration for a proper musical send off for a couple of "blonde Barbies," who do you turn to? Why, Britney Spears – of course!

“In Control” – Leg 2

So we bid a fond farewell to Peru, and head off to Chile. Something to remember the next time you’re in Peru — here in the USA our service personnel count on tips to supplement their hourly wages. In Peru they count on bribes.

Schleppping, Schlopping, Fish Buying & Bitching

Al returns with some fast paced commentary on a fast paced episode.

Use Your Library Voice

The tasks this week weren't just interesting to watch because they let us see some of the cities the teams were visiting, they also let us learn a lot more about the personalities of the racers.

TARQuiz — Episode 2

In honour of the Shop Detour, this week's quiz looks at the world of shopping on TAR.

Amazing Race Rant — Episode Two

Who knew that shoe shining could give one so much to rant about?

Something’s Fishy in My Chile…

A refreshingly bunch-free leg — at least after the initial bus ride — let teams rise and fall on their own merits as they tackled shining shoes, finding fish, and transporting tomes.

The Yahtzee Method of TAR Prognostication – Leg 2 Predictions

The Yahtzee Method didn't as well as it has in the past, before its TARflies debut. I'm going to chalk it up to stage fright for the time being.

Location Report – Chile

“Crazy geography” hardly begins to describe the country whose shape could be described as a dangling, overcooked string bean.

Culture Report — Chile

M. Darcy checks in with books and movies that are related to Chile.

Chef Daria's Amazing Menu — Chile

So how much difference is there between Peruvian and Chilean cuisine? Is this week’s recipe collection going to be way too similar to last week’s?