The Amazing Race 7

Courteous? This is a Race!

Original Airdate: 03.01.2005

The racers head off to Peru home of high altitude, people who don't speak English (imagine that!) and spitting Llamas. The team that came in first? Got $20k! Hey, who upped the budget? Good-bye Ryan and Chuck, it was fun while it lasted.

TARQuiz — Episode 1

Yes, considering my modest success at the world of quizzing in recent times, I thought my own contribution to the site for TAR7 would be a weekly quiz.

The Emmy-Winner’s New Groove

Leg One took our 11 teams from Long Beach to Cusco. The NASCAR-channelling LAX road rally, complete with Blondes! Cheating! Death! was a great start to a pretty interesting leg.

Fashion Report — Episode 1

Bandanas, twinning, ponchos, Romber, $20,000, and a Canadian fashion diva—welcome to The Amazing Race 7!

Scratchin’ Eyes Out and Spittin’ Llamas

Al's back with his take on The Amazing Race 7. Something tells me, he liked this episode.

Drive it Like You Stole it

And they're off! It's a new season and a Race full of new people…well mostly new people. Who will we grow to like or hate? And what about that one poor team we won't get to know very well?

“In Control” – Leg 1

So how do we top what we’ve previously written for TAR5 and TAR6?

Amazing Race Rant — Episode One

New season, new racers…so much to rant about.

TARtunes: Episode 1 — It's the Race!

Get out your TAR hymnals, turn to page 5 and join in as we sing along to our first TARfilk.

The Yahtzee Method of TAR Prognostication – Pre-Race and Leg 1 Predictions

Now TARsday is upon us, so let’s look at it in action, beginning with a pre-race overall standing prediction, quickly followed by a set for Leg 1.

Location Report – Peru

Okay, I admit it, if you ask me about Peru, the first thing that comes to mind is Paddington Bear’s Aunt Lucy, who lives in a home for retired bears in Lima, Peru.

Culture Report — Peru

M. Darcy checks in with books and movies that are related to Peru.

Chef Daria's Amazing Menu — Peru

Welcome back for another culinary tour of the world, as we follow The Amazing Race for round seven.

In Honor of Phil

As we get ready for another season of our "host with the most," here's a chance to test your knowledge of Phil's homeland: New Zealand.