The Amazing Race 6

It Always Comes Down to the Details

Original Airdate: 01.25.2005

After competing in an actual race, the Racers head to Sri Lanka and we are reminded of how much beauty and life the recent tsunami destroyed. It's a close finish, but in the end, the details out-wrestle Lori and Bolo.

The Sports Page: The Amazing Race 6, Leg 9

If it’s after midnight, it must be time for the Race to begin.

“Bolo's Big Adventure” - A Travelogue

It's time for rhyming with Steve and Dave!

Reading is Fundamental

Once again, not reading (and comprehending) the clue does a team in. It's amazing to see how consistently fatigue does teams in by making them forget to pay attention to the details.

Location Report – Sri Lanka

Marco Polo considered Sri Lanka to be the finest island in the world when he visited there in 1292.

Chef Daria's Amazing Menu — Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan cuisine relies on a lot of rice and on very hot curries.

Amazing Race Rant — Episode Ten

With the elimination of that team, will there be anything to rant about? Oh ye of little faith.

Culture Report – Sri Lanka

M. Darcy checks in with books and movies that are related to Sri Lanka.

Episode 10 Picks

It's time for more of Alex's picks and an added bonus of commentary on episode 9.

I Ching — Episode Ten

Are you exhausted from vigorous happy dancing over the latest elimination? I am, and I think the I Ching was even grinning at me this morning.