The Amazing Race 6

Are there Instructions on Donkey Handling?

Original Airdate: 01.18.2005

From Europe to Ethiopia, from constant annoyance to a righteous Philimination, the race picks up the pace. In between, we have begging (emotional and financial), mud-slinging (no, really), donkey wrangling and yielding.

Stress and Pains Down in Africa

Patrick & Kimberly experience the ethos of Ethiopia. more

Fashion Report — Episodes 8 & 9

Guess what guys? This week youíre getting two reports for the price of one! Isnít that exciting?!

The Sports Page: The Amazing Race 6, Leg 8

Itís another midnight start to the leg, which usually means the first bunch of the leg isnít far off.

The Agony of Victory and the Thrill of Defeat

At long last, the moment that we've all been waiting for and the moment the show sorely needed. Some asses are done in by, of all things, an ass deficiency. It also helps that we get to see some great locations along the way.

I Am Jonathan’s Brain

Relying on input gathered from the ears, I hear cheering across the nation and do not understand why...

Location Report Ė Ethiopia

People who have been to Ethiopia will tell you there is far more to the country than famine and misery.

Culture Report Ė Ethiopia and Nice, France

M. Darcy checks in with books and movies that are related to Ethiopia and Nice, France.

Amazing Race Rant — Episode Nine

To rant or to smile, that is the question.

Episode 9 Picks

After taking some time off for the holidays and to help launch his new show, Alex returns with his picks and commentary.

Chef Daria's Amazing Menu — Ethiopia

Want more paprika? This is a good week for people who like spicy food Ė the hotter, the better.

I Ching — Episode Nine

So we only have one more non-elimination leg to go now, and a bad reading this week likely means doom.