The Amazing Race 6

Tell My Mom I Love Her

Original Airdate: 01.11.2005

And they're off ó≠ to Corsica. Adam suffers puffy humiliation, but he and Rebecca still manage to come in first thanks to the Fast Forward. Hayden flo's a cliff descent, but she and Aaron are saved by a non-elimination leg.

Stomping Through Europe

Our virtual racers try for the Fast Forward in Corsica but instead end up driving each other up a wall. more

The Sports Page: The Amazing Race 6, Leg 7

Itís hit-the-wall week on the Amazing Race, both literally and figuratively. After almost 24,000 kilometers, the cracks are starting to show in our remaining teams.

Tips for Better Racing, Part 4

You have to be thinking that anybody can read a map better than the chuckleheads that are actually doing the racing, right? Wrong.

Revenge of the Pillsbury Doughboy

It's a wacky leg as the teams ascend cliffs and stomp grapes with the beautiful island of Corsica in the background. Meanwhile, Adam, bless his heart, gives us one of the funniest visuals in Race history.

Amazing Race Rant ó Episode Eight

If it's a non-elimination is there more or less to rant about?

Location Report Ė Corsica

Balzac described Corsica as “a French island basking in the Italian sun,” which is appropriate, given the number of times Italy and France have traded control of Corsica over the centuries.

Culture Report Ė Corsica

M. Darcy checks in with books and movies that are related to Corsica.

Chef Daria's Amazing Menu — Corsica

Ah, Corsica! Technically, itís French, but it has its own identity incorporating Italian and peasant traditions. So letís get down with the wine and the cheese and the anchovies.

I Ching — Episode Eight

What say we take a break before the next gross eating task? These teams will all do better this week if that is the case.