The Amazing Race 6

One of You, I'm Gonna Break in Half

Original Airdate: 01.04.2005

From Budapest to, well, Budapest, the Race finishes its first double leg. Lori & Bolo are so doomed, or are they? Freddy's gonna break someone in half, or is he? Jonathan yells at Victoria, or…oh yeah. He does. Good-bye Gus & Hera, we'll miss you.

Fashion Report — Episode 7

When designing this leg, the producers must have done a time warp into the future and peered into our fashion reporters' dreams. I mean, Speedos?

Hungary for Soup

Our racers spice up their knowledge of Hungary in more ways than one. more

Tips for Better Racing, Part 3

It was once the best part of The Amazing Race, now it's been kicked to the sideline like a Chicago Bears quarterback. We're talking about the “Fast Forward.”

The Sports Page: The Amazing Race 6, Leg 6, Part 2

This was a very fluid leg. The standings were fluid; fluids were entered, traversed, and consumed; and there were plenty of bodily fluids to go around, too.

Oooh - It's Very Vibraty

The Racers try to discover The Meaning of Life in the middle of a barf-fest. Adam seems to thinks the key is in the word "funicular" – which he repeats over and over again in an attempt to create his own personal mantra.

Amazing Race Rant — Episode 7

Bellmoose took the clip-show week off, so he's fresh and full of rant for this episode.

I Ching — Episode Seven

How will the teams experience part two of this unprecedented mid-race double leg?

Chef Daria's Amazing Menu — Hot Hungarian Soups

Hot as in spicy — warmth is up to you. Yes, this week, we’re providing a special edition of the food report for anyone who wants to eat along with the food challenge.