The Amazing Race 6

Phil is a Choo-Choo Charlie

Original Airdate: 12.28.2004

It's a combo of old and new as we get our first-ever Amazing Race clip show. Did you know Freddy & Kendra are habitual clue-losers? Or that Kris & Jon are even cooler then we thought? And guess whose faces are on IKEA's Most Wanted posters?

Racer Mechanics: From Ile de Gorée, Senegal to Berlin, Germany to Budapest, Hungary

Endless bunching and random luck played a role in the last one-and-a-major fraction legs of TAR 6.

Tips For Better Racing, Part 2

So you thought you were an expert on The Amazing Race, didn't you? You thought you knew almost everything there was to know about how the Race worked.

Racer Mechanics: From Voss, Norway to Stockholm, Sweden to Ile de Gorée, Senegal

The third and fourth legs of TAR 6 tested the teams’ ability to deal with locals and taxicabs, and included some task options that affected the arrival order of the teams at the end of the two legs.

Racer Mechanics: From Chicago to Grindavik, Iceland to Voss, Norway

TAR 6 opened with two well-balanced legs that tested most racer skills.