The Amazing Race 6

Quit Following Us

Original Airdate: 12.14.2004

It's a wee bit of a history lesson tonight as we go from slavery in Dakar to the fall out of the Cold War in Berlin. Despite having to deal with "ghetto" conditions, Freddy and Kendra come in first. Don and Mary Jean? Diddled.

Drinking & Driving in Deutschland

The team experiences the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of Berlin. more

Berlin, Germany

With large parts of the city destroyed during WWII, Berlin has rebuilt itself into a thoroughly modern city of 3.4 million people.

Fashion Report — Episode 5

As leg five was run in under 24 hours, some Racers wore the same clothes from start to finish. Unfortunately (for them), there is still plenty to discuss in the fashion report.

The Sports Page: The Amazing Race 6, Leg 5

Who will Zron choose for this week's Play of the Week and Smooth Move?

I'm Not on Steroids

It's a rollercoaster ride for the racers and our reporters. Sometimes, it's a bit hard to report on a team, but neither snow, nor rain, nor sleet, nor assholiness will keep them from their appointed tasks.

Tips For Better Racing, Part 1

This would normally be another of our award-winning interviews with the most recently eliminated team, but we seem to have run up against some technical difficulties.

Amazing Race Rant — Episode 5

With all this ranting, you'd think Bellmoose was on 'roids or something.

Culture Report – Berlin

M. Darcy checks in with books and movies that are related to Berlin.

Chef Daria's Amazing Menu — Germany

Fortunately, there are many, many websites with German recipes.

I Ching — Episode Five

Okay, let’s face it: my placement record stinks with this, Meredith and Maria’s correctly predicted Philimination notwithstanding.

Episode 5 Picks

Alex seems to be enjoying this season. Check out his comments on Episode 4 and his predictions for Ep 5.