The Amazing Race 6

Counting Bears is Not Rocket Science

Original Airdate: 11.30.2004

On the way from Norway to Sweden, two morning bunches are followed by five hours of bears and eight hours of hay — which turns out to be the last straw for Lena and Kristy.

How Swede It Is

Our virtual racers chill out, then get rolling in Stockholm. more

IKEA® Catalog Interview with Lena and Kristy

We’re currently waiting for Lena and Kristy, the last two racers eliminated from The Amazing Race 6...

The Sports Page: The Amazing Race 6, Leg 3

Following a late afternoon finish to the previous leg, teams got up before the sun to begin Leg 3 with a drive back to the train station at Voss.

Fashion Report — Episode Three

Parkas and bicycle helmets worn over other headgear give our fashion reporters plenty to work with this week.

Don't Yell!

Proceed to IKEA. Wow, never thought we'd see that on a Race clue. IKEA's a stressful place, dude! Not as stressful as a roll in the hay, but darn stressful. Sadly, there'll be one less non-yelling team next week.

Hay Diddle, Diddle

Jealous that racers get to do all the fun things? Like digging around in hay to look for a clue? Well, now it's your turn.

Good Morning, Sunshine

We've all had those days - when we wake up on the wrong side of the racer. So go ahead, caption this photo.

Amazing Race Rant – Episode 3

While the rest of us sniffle, Bellmoose rants.

Culture Report – Sweden

If it's Sweden, it must be Abba.

Episode 3 Picks

Alex, second season co-winner, has awoken from his Thanksgiving turkey induced nap to give us his picks for Episode 3.

Chef Daria's Amazing Menu — Sweden

Okay, I am officially bored with Scandinavian food.

Location Report – Stockholm, Sweden

All of the travel guides I have about Sweden say the same thing about Stockholm: “Stockholm is without a shadow of a doubt one of the loveliest cities in Europe.”

I Ching — Episode Three

There does appear to be some randomness here – and some learning on the part of the interpreter.