The Amazing Race 6

I'm Not His Wife — He Doesn't Need to Scream at Me.

Original Airdate: 11.23.2004

It's a race from Iceland to Norway. For some reason, racers have to team up to row boats. Nope, no forced bunching here. One of the weirdest penalties in race history can't save the remaining NY team.

A Norse Is a Norse, Of Course, Of Course

Patrick & Kimberly ride, slide, and glide (sort of) in their race around Norway. more

Fashion Report — Episode Two

As the result of an unfortunate turkey incident, Giuseppe will not be joining in with the fashion commentary this week. I promise not to let the power go to my head . . .

The Sports Page: The Amazing Race 6, Leg 2

For the second leg, our ten remaining teams set off from Iceland’s Blue Lagoon and tramped across northern Europe as one gigantic horde.

But Accuracy is, You Gotta be Accurate

Some racers like to make asses out of themselves while some prefer to fall on the ones they were born with. In the meantime, Meredith and Maria get shafted.

Car And Driver Interview With Meredith and Maria

Some might question the testers as a contributing factor to the poor test numbers but we stand by their New York driving experience and signed contractual proof they were qualified to drive manual transmission vehicles.

Amazing Race Rant - Episode 2

A stressful and strange leg produces much to rant about.

Chef Daria's Amazing Menu — Norway

Remember the putrefied shark from Iceland? We didn’t make or, God forbid, eat that. And now that the Race is in Norway, we’re not making or eating lutefisk, either.

Location Report – Oslo, Norway

Although it is a modern, industrialized nation, Norway has lots of open green (or white!) spaces.

Culture Report – Norway

The history of the arts includes many Norwegians.

I Ching — Episode Two

Okay, so some of last week's predictions were close, and some weren't. Let's see how the coins and their interpreter do this week.

Episode 2

While a lot of us are sitting around wishing last week's elimination prediction had come true, Alex, second season co-winner, checks in with his predictions for the second episode of TAR6.