The Amazing Race 6

The Game's Afoot

Original Airdate: 11.16.2004

Go! Run! Fly! Drive! Drive! Wrestle! Drive! Drive some more! The teams race from Chicago to Iceland. First place goes to Hayden and Aaron. Joe and Avi are eliminated.

Ice Iceland Baby

Our virtual team breaks the ice and scampers to Scandinavia. more

The Sports Page: The Amazing Race 6, Leg 1

If Iceland is Green, and Greenland is Icy, what Colour is the Blue Lagoon?

“60 Minutes” Interview of Avi/Joe

Move over Mike Wallace, Steve and Dave take over on the investigative reporting front.

Fashion Report — Episode One

Are you blue? You might be seeing a lot of blue on your screen, but it’s the Amazing Race, so feeling blue is definitely out of the question.

Blue Lines, Blue Racers and one Blue Lagoon

Yah, baby! Is it just me, or did we get a whole season's worth of "baby"s in this episode? There's lots of driving, some bickering and a bit of frozen silicon.

Location Report – Reykjavik, Iceland

Inspired by the steam coming from hot springs in the area, the first settlers named the area “reykjavik,” which means “smoky bay.”

Amazing Race Rant - Episode 1

I think this just might be one of the longest rants yet. I guess that's fitting since two hours (and some interesting characters) gave Bellmoose plenty to work with.

I Ching — Episode One

For Episode One, I asked the rather straightforward question “How will this team place in this leg?”

Places of Wind & Ice

Two, two, two location quizzes in one! Test your knowledge of Chicago and Iceland with this quiz.

Chef Daria's Amazing Menu – Iceland

I know, I know. You’re thinking "Icelandic food again?!?!." And in your neighborhood, there’s an Icelandic restaurant on every block, and the Icelandic food section at your supermarket is huge.

Culture Report – Episode One

M. Darcy returns for another season of books and movies and tv shows – oh my!

Episode 1 - The Game's Afoot

Alex goes out on a limb and submits his picks for the first episode of TAR6.