The Amazing Race 5

I'm Going to Jail

Original Airdate: 08.24.2004

Jails. Tanzanian jails. Racer almost stuck in Tanzanian jail. Viewers? Uncomfortable. Somehow, even with the drama, Colin and Christie come in first. Kami and Karli live to beg one more episode in Dubai.

The Angel of Death - Episode 8

Ah yes, it's time to actively embrace the curse. Can the Twins overcome it?

Leg 8: Stay the Course and Fly Right

Some racers fly high while Eddie drives one of the reporters crazy during a Detour in the Dunes.

Racer Report - Episode Eight

This was obviously the episode of love. Love and carefree racing. Love, friendship and respect for cultural diversity. Or, you know, not.

"We are not triple A" & Ugly Americanitis - Episode 8

Hey, everyone, I have a very special TAR5 episode review. Let’s just call this an All Star review!!

In Control, Leg 8

Hey! Where the heck is our Roadblock? We was robbed! Instead of a roadblock we had to watch a blockhead.

TAR Virgin’s View – Episode Eight

As a new TAR viewer, it appears my relationship with this show has run into a "roadblock" of its own.

Amazing Race Rant - Episode 8

And Bellmoose was worried about what he might have to work with when Mirna and Charla left…

Culture Report – Kenya and Dubai

M. Darcy fills us in on some of the movies and books that feature Kenya and Dubai.

Chef Daria’s Amazing Menu – Dubai

I could stop this column right now and tell you all to go out to dinner this week to celebrate the cuisine of the Amazing Race in Dubai...

Astrological Predictions - Episode Eight

Rabrab's dice predict the same last place team as Alex. Let's see how they do!

Episode Eight

After getting last week's eliminated team right, TAR2 winner Alex takes a shot at this week's finishing order.