The Amazing Race 5

Are You Sure This Is Safe?

Original Airdate: 08.17.2004

Secret destinations – ooooOOooo - ugliness over a transportation fee and more forced over-eating. Chip and Kim arrive first; Charla and Mirna are eliminated.

The Angel of Death - Episode 7

This may be the curse's biggest challenge yet. Can Mirna and Charla ward off the evil?

Leg 7: Great Eggs-pectations

During a Roadblock, we learn how much punishment a human being can really take.

The Denny’s International Passport Breakfast - Episode 7

Al's VCR let him down on his first attempt to tape this episode. Thank goodness for the Saturday repeats!

Racer Report - Episode Seven

Eggs…it always seems to come down to eggs this season. Get out your barf buckets, because this week's a rough ride.

Fashion Report - Episode Seven

Our fashion reporters ask this season's version of an age-old question: "Just how did Mirna fit all that stuff in her backpack?"

In Control, Leg 7

Are we going to hell for being the only people in America who were rooting against Charla & Mirna?

Amazing Race Rant - Episode 7

Episode seven gave Bellmoose plenty to rant about.

Culture Report – Tanzania

M. Darcy fills us in on some of the movies and books that feature Tanzania.

Chef Daria’s Amazing Menu – Tanzania

The first step in serving a Tanzanian dinner is to haul out the mop or vacuum cleaner, because you will be sitting on the floor.

Episode Seven

Alex, second season co-winner, checks in with his predictions for the seventh episode of TAR5.

Astrological Predictions - Episode Seven

Once again, Rabrab rolls her dice and gives us her predictions for the next TAR episode.