The Amazing Race 5

Why Can't We Get a Camel?

Original Airdate: 08.10.2004

Quitters never win, but they do own a NY pizza restaurant in Dallas. Colin and Christie are first; Marshall and Lance are still someplace in Egypt…bitching and moaning about the locals.

Leg 6: Talk, Don't Run

This week, the racers take a quick respite as trouble starts brewing for the production team.

The Angel of Death - Episode 6

Since last week was a non-elimination round, does that mean that the curse is broken? Or, can it be used for the good of everyone?

TAR Virgin’s View – Episode Six

Our virgin learns all about the power of redemption edits in elimination legs.

Racer Report - Episode Six

The race's first quitters bring out some mixed emotions while emotions concerning Mirna and Charla are decidedly unmixed.

Fashion Report - Episode Six

Tattoos, new shoes and bare-chested views – as the race wears on our contestants, a bad fashion choice (allegedly) helps knock a team out of the race.

In Control, Leg 6

Never in our wildest dreams could we have imagined that there could be someone on TAR5 who would make Alison look bearable. We were wrong.

Amazing Race Rant - Episode 6

I'm worried the desert heat may be having an effect on the teams' brains. It does make for good quotes, though.

King Tut’s Revenge - Episode 6

Hey there everyone! Another Tuesday already!!! Wow... I just wanted to let everyone know that I think I got a little carried away and goofy writing this week’s little recap...

Astrological Predictions - Episode Six

Once again, Rabrab rolls her dice and gives us her predictions for the next TAR episode.