The Amazing Race 5

Are You Good At Puzzles?

Original Airdate: 08.03.2004

How is it that it took five seasons before we got to see Phil phrolicking at the phyramids? Colin and Christie are first; Linda and Karen last – but wait! It's a non-elimination.

Leg 5: Something Sphinx Down There

The crew arrives in Egypt, a spectacular land of ancient wonders, mystical forces, and ... what's this about a curse?

The Angel of Death - Episode 5

Does the curse really exist? If so, can it be broken? Is it okay to declare a "no puking" rule mid-race?

Fashion Report - Episode Five

Much to look at, much to love, much to be jealous about and at least one goofy hat – there's always a goofy hat.

In Control, Leg 5

For the first time in TAR5 the group went somewhere that created some jealousy from us...

Racer Report - Episode Five

The racers encounter creepy crevices, klutzy cluelessness and creaky knees as they careen from Catherine's Palace to Cairo.

TAR Virgin’s View - Episode Five

Rules? Rules? We don't need no stinkin' rules! Well, maybe TAR does, but they are confusing our virgin.

Egypt Quiz

You might know how to walk like an Egyptian, but what do you know about Egypt itself? Take M. Darcy's trivia test and find out.

Episode 5

While TAR4’s Al takes some time off to heal a broken foot, he’s agreed to give us his insights into TAR5. Welcome, Al!

Amazing Race Rant – Episode 5

Bellmoose returns with another collection of quotes, commentary...and a little ranting.

Culture Report – More Russia and Egypt

Time for another climate and culture change! After spending a wee bit more time in Russia, our racers head off to Egypt.

Episode Five

Here are Alex's picks for episode five. Hmmm…is anyone keeping up with his track record?

Chef Daria’s Amazing Menu – Egypt

Don’t worry, there’s no caviar on this week’s menu. I’m not even sure there’s such a thing as Egyptian caviar.

Astrological Predictions - Episode Five

Rabrab rolls her dice and gives us her predictions for post caviar TAR.