The Amazing Race 5

I Got Electrocuted

Original Airdate: 07.20.2004

Chocolates, paragliding, plane ticket snafus, and flat tires. Colin and Christie come in first (get used to it), while Jim's stitches finally give out and he and Marsha leave the Race.

Leg 3: Sweets For the Suite

In a competition involving chocolate, some taste sweet victory, while others swallow bitter dark disappointment.

The Angel of Death - Episode Three

Zron's satirical look at the life of a TAR sound man continues. Our intrepid lead character senses a trend…

Fashion Report - Episode Three

Say what you want about their racing skills, some of this season's racers look maaaarvelous - well for stinky people who are racing around the world.


Mama Tiger gives us the low-down on Argentina.

In Control, Leg 3

At last! The Amazing Race 5 finally shook off the re-hashing of TAR4 and became its own show...

Racer Report - Episode Three

Much-o air-o-port-o drama-o is followed by much-o chocolate-o eating-o. After all that, there's gratuitous swimming. If you're Marsha and Jim? This leg is pretty much just plain suck-o.

TAR Virgin’s View - Episode Three

Is our virgin suffering from the first touch of killer fatigue?

Episode Three

Alex, second season co-winner, checks in with his predictions for the third episode of TAR5.

Astrological Predictions - Episode Three

Once again, Rabrab rolls her dice and gives us her predictions for the next TAR episode.