The Amazing Race 5

It Just Turned Ugly Right Now

Original Airdate: 07.13.2004

And you thought there were some cab disagreements in the first ep? Ha! Adios Donny and Alison. Ha, ha, ha!

Leg 2 - "Two to Tango"

Our intrepid behind-the-scenes commentators report on the racers as they discover the Argentine dance of love.

The Angel of Death - Episode Two

After the first leg, I was feeling a little jet-lagged. I didn’t stay up too late with the rest of the crew...

Racer Report - Episode Two

Foam, balls, doggy-sex, bickering and cab fights. Ah yes, it's a race! Adios, spawns of satan. We shall miss you…or not.

TAR Virgin’s View - Episode Two

Our virgin survived the first ep - what does she think of the second one?

Fashion Report - Episode Two

I think this is our first Pretty Person Award tie. And what's all this talk about the The Tarflies School for Remedial Racing?

Uruguay/Argentina Quiz

How much do you know about Uruguay and Argentina? Take M. Darcy's trivia test and find out.

In Control, Leg 2

All right, stop it. We’re really getting tired of watching the TAR4 stunts redone in TAR5.

Chef Daria’s Amazing Menu - Argentina

Argentina, land of beef, beef, and more beef. But wait, we had more than enough beef in Uruguay. And Argentina has a lot more to offer – its wines are excellent, and even the vegetarian recipes are interesting.

Culture Report – California to Argentina

Don't cry for us, Argentina!

Astrological Predictions - Episode Two

Last week's Astrological predictions produced some interesting results - Chip and Kim first? Well, in a way. What about this week's predictions?

Episode Two

Alex, second season co-winner, checks in with his predictions for the second episode of TAR5.